Sunday, December 26, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake

This cake was our first attempt at making a sugar-free cake. The recipe turned out okay as far as we could tell and the cake was very cute! We didn't have time to make our own Strawberry Shortcake but luckily we had a figurine on hand!

Coffee Cup Cake

Our grandparents both have birthdays the same week in December and grandpa ordered a cake to take to their Wednesday Coffee... The original cake was a giant coffee cup with the names of their grandchildren and great grandchildren written on it. The "saucer" on the bottom was a little too thin to hold the giant cup or to support dowels! So it basically destroyed itself.

So instead we made a more sturdy version with coffee cups and instead of Sweet N Low we wrote Walt N Ev. They were just as pleased with this version!

Hunting/Fishing Cake

This cake was made for a deer and bird hunting/fishing birthday boy. (Well, MAN, but that doesn't sound as good!) There are little rainbow trout in the river, even though we are pretty sure we don't have rainbow trout around here!

This was a last minute order for a graduation party, we had run out of frosting so it was very thin and then red velvet cake started to crumble through. It actually gave it a very cool "vintage" look, and they were very pleased with it.

Christmas Morning Gingerbread Cake

This was for a Christmas party, they wanted a gingerbread house but did not like gingerbread. The inside of the cake is White Almond Sour Cream cake and the gingerbread was made and placed around the cake. There are quite a few details that aren't very visible in the photos!

Sweet Thing Cake

This was an order for a 31 year old birthday girl. Coincidentally the decorator was also turning 31 that week. Turned out the order was fake and she made her own birthday  cake! And she loved it!

This is a Batman, Spiderman, Superman cake. They added the figurines themselves later!

Penguin Snowball Fight!

This cake depicts a mommy, daddy and baby penguin having a snowball fight. It was for a a little boy's first birthday.

Dexter Cake

If you haven't seen the show Dexter the cake may seem a little odd to you. The birthday boy wanted a Dexter cake so we make the victim sport his matching tattoo... even though we placed it on the wrong side!

Shih Tzu cake

We were very nervous that this cake wouldn't turn out but the "grass tip" for the frosting makes amazing looking hair! This was an order for a little girl who wanted a shih tzu cake. I can't imagine having to cut into this and eat it but it turned out great!

Liver cake!

This cake was made for a man's birthday who had a liver transplant the year before. This was our first attempt at making a human organ out of cake. And most likely it will be our only chance! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heart Cake

This was a cake given away during one of our "friendship drives" on Facebook. They requested a cake for their anniversary.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Big Lebowski

This was a birthday cake I made for a friend. If you haven't seen the movie Big Lebowski you probably won't understand any part of the cake!

Baby Shower


This was our biggest undertaking so far. It was made for a young boy's bowling party. Unfortunately the cake had to be made a couple days early and didn't survive the trip to the party!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cake Balls!

Cake balls may just be the best invention ever. Instead of throwing away tons of cake scraps you can make them into delicious moist balls of chocolate-covered cake. I may be a cake decorator but I do not like cake. I love these, though, and haven't found anyone who doesn't.

This cake was made for a 9 year old who liked wolves. A new chocolate cake recipe was used and while it was tasty it didn't stay together very well! The cake made it in one piece, though, and she loved it.

This was a first birthday cake for a little girl. The colors for her party were pink and brown. She loved her "smash cake" and ate almost the entire thing! The cupcake on the top is made of gum paste but has real cake inside of it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flower Garden

The concept of this cake was a vase of flowers. It ended up looking like a flower garden with a fence around it which was a much cuter idea anyway! I was nervous about making gum-paste flowers, and I was correct in thinking they would be hard at first! These took me a couple of days to make but it was worth it! I didn't have time to make the bow out of fondant, though I would have preferred to! Making bows the old-fashioned way never turns out well for me!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Attack of the Half-Eaten Zombie Halloween Candy

This cake was given away free to a random facebook page member after we reached 1000 friends! The inspiration came from the massive amount of candy we had left after Halloween.