Monday, February 21, 2011

Heart Birthday

Small birthday cake for a 21 year old's birthday!

16th birthday!

This was a remake of our first birthday cake for a 16 year old! It somehow seems to work perfectly for both ages!

Pirate ship!

I have a terrible time making people out of fondant but this pirate seemed to come together perfectly!

Candy Bowl Cakes

These are mostly cake, which is surrounded by Kit Kats and filled with candy!

Valentine's Treats

Various treats we made for Valentine's Day...

Love, Love, Love...

A valentine's gift from a very young granddaughter to her grandpa.

Lamb Baptism cake

We worried about making a cute lamb like the one the customer gave me but we think we pulled it off. He seems to have an expression even though he has two dots for eyes!


Another cake using the frozen buttercream transfer technique. Except for the face which had to be hand drawn and was incredibly nerve-racking!

Betty Boop

Another cake made using Frozen Buttercream Transfer!

Smash cake

This was a last minute smash cake used for a little girl's photo shoot.

Dogs and Cats!

My goal was to make 100 dogs and cats for this cake! After a few days and with a few helpers we only got to 25 but it still turned out very cute and produced my favorite fondant creature ever!

Kansas City Chiefs

My first attempt using the Frozen Buttercream Transfer technique. It's amazing! Now I can make more intricate designs with frosting instead of fondant!


Steelers vs. Packers!

Toy Story #2

A mash up of Woody, Buzz and the cute little green alien! (sans it's antenna per request.) I worried about this cake for days before making it and it turned out to be one of the easiest fondant covered cakes I have made!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


This is our first attempt at a "doll cake". It was surprisingly easy! And I think we can safely say that if someone find a hair in their piece that it's not any of ours!