Monday, March 21, 2011


Spongebob was the first carved cake I ever made more than 10 years ago! I made another when my niece turned 1 four years ago so this one came easily!

Cupcake Birthday

This cake was made for a first birthday party. The party decorations had tiara's and cupcakes on them thus the inspiration! The top of the cake is made out of cupcake pops! The cake had a few traveling issues but still tasted delicious! The smash cake on the side was made from a Mini 3-Tiered cake pan and was a big hit!

Shamrock Panda

This cake was made for boy who was born on St Patrick's day and loves pandas! It's hard to tell from the picture but the panda is eating 4-leaf clovers and there are fields of s clovers all over the cake!

Twin Baby Shower cupcakes

These were last minute cupcakes for a teacher who was having twins!


Toy Story/ Iron Man

This cake was for two different boys, one who likes Toy Story and one who likes Iron Man. We were worried about tying the two together into one cake but they had a few colors in common so it worked out!

Buzz Lightyear

This cake is lacking the Buzz Lightyear action figure that was supplied by the customer. Once that was added the cake looked even better!

BB gun

This cake turned our looking very simple but a lot of time was spent making sure the BB gun was "to scale". Unfortunately after it was made it was WAY too big for the cake so the barrel had to be scaled down a bit!

Welcome Home!

We were allowed to do whatever we wanted with this cake as long as we had the wording! We picked some random colors and they turned out working great together!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cowgirl Birthday

This was made for a 9 year old girl's birthday who loves to ride horses and loved the previous cowgirl cake we had done!

Star Wars! (If you use your imagination :)

This is a desert scene that was to have figurines supplied by the customer! Hopefully they post pictures so we can see it in it's finished state!

Army Scene

A lot of things on this cake are not edible but this way there are toys left after the cake is gone!

Mickey Mouse Smash Cake

This is a Mickey Mouse smash cake made with my new favorite technique, Frozen Butter Cream Transfer! Tastes so much better than fondant decorations in my opinion!


Made for a 1-year-old princess's birthday!