Sunday, October 31, 2010

Harley Davidson Birthday

This cake was made for a surprise 50th birthday party for a family member. We were short on time so we created the giant Harley Logo using her name and age to cover the area of the most detail on the bike! And that turned out to be most people's favorite part! We thought we were pretty crafty with the design on the logo but saw someone else post a logo almost exactly alike a few days later! Guess all of us cakers think the same way :)

Alice in Wonderland part 2

We don't normally do the same cake twice if we can help it but someone really, really wanted an Alice in Wonderland cake just like the one we made before. We finally decided to do it and made it slightly different so each cake would be special!

Mickey Mouse

This was an order for a first birthday cake. They wanted a Mickey Mouse cake but that was their only suggestion. We thought mickey turned out really great!


This was a birthday cake for a young girl who loves frogs. This was out first flower that wasn't made with some kind of fondant stamp and we think it turned out pretty well!

This cake was designed by the customer. It is supposed to depict her boyfriend climbing up to the top of the cake to get to her. He has a hammer and a horseshoe in his belt. Their two horses are on the cake and the top was supposed to be bright and happy, like he was climbing up "to heaven". The cake only took a few hours and is missing a few details because I was up 36 hours by this point and just couldn't go any farther, but she was still pleased with it!

Candy Corn Cakes

These cakes are really cute because when cut unto slices they look like giant candy corns. The insides of the cakes are three different colors, too. These may be the only ones we have because the divider that makes the triple colors melted in the dishwasher!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The curse of living in Iowa

Yet ANOTHER University Iowa cake. All I can say is thank goodness it's not another Nebraska one!!


This electric guitar cake was not quite as hard as we thought it would be. Until we decided it would look better with real wire for the strings! It took just as long to string it as it did to make the rest of it! The second photo shows where we tightened up the strings before handing it off to the customer!

More monkeys!

This is another version of the Mod Monkey cake that was purchased for a baby shower. Seems to be a very popular theme these days!

The Baker's Birthday cake

The baker finally got her hand at doing some cake decorating. The cake eventually turned out to be a disaster cake... falling in and leaking some strange liquid but at least she had fun making it!

Everyone loves motorcycles!

This is another version of the motorcycle cake I did before except with more (but less 3D) motorcycles!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I had some real apprehensions about "molding" characters. Up until this time, besides the motorcycle cake, I had just traced things and cut them out on fondant. I made one monkey and put him online and he was a huge hit. The mound of bananas is my favorite!  We messed up and forgot to make one of the layers chocolate so that is what the mysterious green mound is. I call it my "art piece". The cupcake was for the birthday boy to destroy!

Disco Birthday

This cake originally was supposed to be red and black with some retro looking designs. Then it was two tiered with a disco ball on top. The disco ball looked like a cross between a turtle shell and an igloo so it was scrapped. (And promptly eaten since it was made out of white modeling chocolate!) The top tier was a sickly green color and was tossed out too. This is what was left, with a replacement disco ball that was far less detailed but still seemed to get the idea across a lot better!


This was a cake I donated to a charity to be raffled off. I thought it would be simple until I realized I had to put lines on about 60 leaves. Turned out pretty nice, though. Not sure if anyone bought it because I couldn't attend but it's the thought that counts!