Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Lady Bug Cake Saga

A good friend of mine, and staunch supporter and word-of-mouth advertiser, wanted a ladybug cake for a baby shower. I had worked on the decorations for over a week to make sure they would be ready for the cake. When it came time to actually put the cake together there were some issues. Most of the attempts to frost the cake and apply fondant failed probably due to the humidity. Everything that could have gone wrong with the cake, did....

It had to be started over several times. But 13 hours later it looked decent, with a few pretty cute details if I do say so myself!

The flower looked pretty close to realistic and even though the frosting holding the two halves of the red section was obviously melting and starting to push it's way out, the flowers seemed to disguise that!

There were even some little cupcakes to go with it!

And some pretty cute little ladybugs!

The cake was picked up and I was given a very generous amount of money for my work! Then I get a text saying the cake had not made it through the short journey home!

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