Sunday, August 8, 2010

...The Saga Continues...

So that was a bummer. But luckily, even though I fret constantly about whether or not someone is going to like their cake (which I did for 13 hours with this one) I think disasters such as this are pretty funny and I simply laugh at myself. (I once wrecked my practically brand new car into a pole while backing out of a parking spot and thought it was pretty hilarious...) After spending a few hours with my cousins from out of town I got back to work and just as the sun came up it was done!

Everything but the very front panel with the name had to be completely redone. It still turned out pretty cute, except for the sad, lifeless daisy on top, and maybe slightly less gaudy in a good way! Luckily I still had a lot of leftover decorations so all that needed to be handmade was the flower petals!

And now Saturday the 7th is officially the Friday the 13th of the cake world.

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