Sunday, August 8, 2010

M&M "Cookie" cake

I searched endlessly for a picture of a cake that was made to look like a cookie but was actually cake... I don't think it exists. So this may be a first! The shape was easy but getting the texture to look like a cookie was not! My Makery assistant Jaelin thought we should put brown sugar over the cake. I thought it would definitely not work so I worked with icing colors to try to get the right color. Eventually the color was okay but it still looked like frosting. I reluctantly mixed in some brown sugar... then some more... and it turned out great! It was definitely a very sugary, sweet frosting but from the feedback it tasted just fine! I think I may keep my Makery assistant around! The M&Ms are gum paste and we even looked up the font used on real M&Ms in order to make it look even more realistic!

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